Jarett Dunn's GitHub and HackerNoon subscriber list!

Welcome to the Jarett Dunn email subscriber list! Each new signup will receive a link to download the Coindex Labs non-NDA teaser, which includes information about the value proposition for my organization - where we're setting our sights first on a money-printing machine, then returning later as conquering heroes in order to then defeat the world's greater humanitarian issues. The proprietary, patented method for artificial intelligence combines neural nets and evolutionary algorithms, using novel search to find solutions to market conditions or other inputs that no human could usually even possibly conceive - keeping and refining an edge that nobody can replicate. Our neural states and configs are our Intellectual Property.

Enjoy the periodic news about crypto, sports betting, internet traffic reselling automated sure-bets and arbitrage, along with repositories and HackerNoon articles that add value to the overall value proposition. My title is broad but my tasks are basically to re-appropriate publicly hosted FOSS crypto trading bots to feed into the neural evolutionary AIs and see if we can fine-tune input variables and create hyper-aware code.



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